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Harnett Engineering is a civil and structural engineering consulting firm, established in 2013.

At Harnett Engineering we strive to provide a swift and productive service for our clients with reasonable turnaround times. Our services in providing engineering documentation and designs, range from knocking out a load bearing wall in a home to large commercial and industrial warehouses and multi storey buildings. Harnett Engineering has the technology, the knowhow and the contacts to ensure a quality service to its client.


We understand that obtaining building approvals can be a drawn out process and we aim to minimise this time so you can get on with the job of building your project. So if you’re after a quote or just some advice, don’t hesitate to call Harnett Engineering.

Our Services

Harnett Engineering undertakes the design/analysis of anything that has to do with structural members in a building and civil infrastructure, including:

Soil Analysis

Different soils have different characteristics in strength, reactivity and permeability. It is essential to know and understand these characteristics in structural design.

Masonry Walls

Masonry walls need to be designed to AS 3700 standard and take into account structural loads, wind and earthquake loading.

Site Wind Speed Assessments

In any building project wind loading must be taken into consideration and designed for as a structural load, this loading is different depending on where the site is located.

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